Product Asset Management – The Key to Accelerating Ideas to Market

Alan Porter, Director of Product Marketing at DAM software vendor Nuxeo, has written a feature article for DAM News, ‘How to Accelerate your Ideas to Market through Product Asset Management‘ which explores the impact of DAM on Product Asset Management (PAM), and how its role is becoming increasingly important as businesses seek to get their products to market quicker.  By examining the life-cycle of creative content from design to shelf, Alan breaks down the numerous processes and bottlenecks that product-driven companies face in their digital asset supply chains, and how positioning a DAM at the centre of your operations can help to unify and streamline the workflow across multiple departments.

With a modern DAM, businesses can accelerate prototyping and sell-in to drive faster, more responsive design cycles.  With full control over materials libraries and relevant data on cost, availability, and product appearance, the modern DAM makes it possible for design teams to have confidence in their materials choices, for less rework and faster design cycles.”  [Read More]

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