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Max DunnThis week, Max Dunn, President of Silicon Publishing is our featured DAM News interviewee.    Silicon Publishing are developers of a Web to Print tool which is integrated with a number of different DAM products, as such, Max has considerable experience of working with a lot of DAMs and seeing what works (and equally importantly, what does not).  He makes a number of great points in his response to our questions.  The following, in answer to the question ‘How do you describe Digital Asset Management to others?’

Whether you’re an individual or a corporation, a software tool won’t help you by itself. Successful management of assets is instead an intense, engaged process, which starts with conscious organization and a consistent, defined workflow, software system or not. Casual or passive DAM implementation can perpetuate bad processes or poor organization, so its initial setup and configuration must be approached with understanding and care.” [Read More]

And later in the same response:

Far too often I have seen organizations think that if they purchase the DAM software, it will somehow magically solve their process challenges (and way too often DAM sales staff let this myth persist). No matter how powerful DAM software is, it is just a tool.” [Read More]

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