Kevin Groome Interview

Continuing our interview series, this week, Kevin Groome shares his thoughts on Digital Asset Management.Kevin Groome

There are some great points made by Kevin, such as this one in answer to the question: What’s the most important thing for someone new to DAM to understand about DAM?

A DAM is like a garden. Once you’ve planted the first seeds, and organized your first flower beds, the DAM needs to be tended. This is work—really interesting, enjoyable work. It can produce amazing experiences. It can produce surprising returns. But be prepared to roll up your sleeves, to work shoulder to shoulder with your vendor, and to keep on investing time and energy—at least a little bit—every day going forward. The people who do this, often have a measurable impact on their organizations. The folks who don’t? Not so much.” [Read More]

Kevin also describes how he thinks DAM will evolve over the next five years.  His assessment that DAM will expand in scope outside the marketing arena is one I would concur with.  I agree also that the conventional DAM interface (grids of thumbnails etc.) will be used less by end-users as digital asset supply chains become ever more sophisticated and DAM integrates further across organisations.

This interview and the one we published last week with Michael Wells demonstrates that there are a few representatives of vendors who have some cogent and insightful thoughts about DAM which are well worth paying attention to.  To get a proper understanding of the context which the DAM market operates in, it is necessary to consider the views of all the participants in it.  As well as DAM end-users, we intend to continue to feature more interviews with other voices from across the industry.

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