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craig-bolligThe latest subject in our series of DAM News interviews is Craig Bollig who is Enterprise Digital Asset Management Advisor for Orange Logic.  Longer-term DAM industry watchers will be aware that Craig also used to work for DAM vendor, Widen four or five years ago.  Craig’s interview has a lot of very good points and he has answered each of the questions with a useful amount of detail so you can understand his reasoning more fully.  His answer to the question, What is your vision for DAM? What will it look like in 5 years?  is particularly thought-provoking:

I envision DAM in 5 years will be an essential strategy and revenue driver for departments across the enterprise, not just a nice-to-have, or tool to serve only creative operations, archiving/preservation and similar teams.  Today we’re seeing DAM projects that start in human resources, business affairs, and research & development, which is really exciting for the industry.  Looking back five years, it was seemingly rare to hear about DAM involving these business units beyond the common use cases for rights management and the inclusion of product information management (PIM). That has truly changed and consequently, the practice of DAM is forever evolving.” [Read More]

This is spot-on and is a point that has been made by others with extensive experience of the DAM market also.  There are some subtle but very significant shifts now taking place that will radically alter what is currently referred to as ‘Digital Asset Management’ and take it far beyond the marketing operations cul-de-sac which many still think is where it should exclusively reside.

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