HTML5 vs Apps: Which Side Are You On?

In this interview, Lauri Kivinen of Finnish TV broadcaster, YLE is interviewed and comes down on the side of HTML5 for content delivery:

Big content creators are already moving away from apps. Kivinen relates that The Financial Timeshas gone with an HTML5 format with no apps required for viewing on devices. His own company is also shying away from apps. As Yle is publicly funded, he feels a mission to go with solutions that support the most viewers.”  [Read More]

The counterpoint was a preceding interview with Matt Strauss of Comcast who took the view that both HTML5 and apps should be used.  Last week, however, we covered a blog article by Danny Ayers who railed against the poor experience of using a web browser (aka ‘Cloud Client’).

Ultimately, I think Lauri Kivinen’s perspective is likely to have momentum, even though I agree with those who prefer non-HTML (5 or otherwise) UIs and for that reason, even though DAM systems are not ‘content’ as such, the economics of developing interfaces for them is likely to trend towards HTML5 and away from apps, whether mobile or desktop.  The ‘sunset’ period could be an extended one for the app, however, until web interfaces acquire something close to the responsiveness and performance of the native app.

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