How Proxy Files Point To The Future Direction Of DAM

In this guest feature article written exclusively for DAM News, Ralph Windsor of DAM consultants, Daydream, discusses the role of the proxy files and how both their past and current use might highlight trends in the DAM solution market which end users may need to carefully consider before making investments.  He covers several points:

  • What proxy files are and their historical role
  • How the role of proxies is changing
  • Why proxies are a form of what Ralph describes as ‘functional metadata’
  • How proxies are being used now

The post cross references many of the themes I have discussed in the past and I find myself agreeing with many of his conclusions:

Ultimately (as with delivery) it will become easier and more feasible to work directly with the actual original file from within the same system. All this points towards a key questions that Naresh has talked about in his posts on DAM News many times: will DAM systems become the primary interface to control other applications or will other competing technologies be the ‘go to’ solution for users and DAM systems sit behind them in support?” [Read More]

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