Good Manners Cost Nothing (But Good Vendors Are Priceless)

In this article CMS Watch’s Tony Bryne explains how to get the best software vendors to respond to your RFPs and why, even in competitive markets, it’s always prudent to manage your prospective technology suppliers with consideration and respect.

“Is it a buyers’ market for content technologies? Some enterprises believe that technology suppliers are so hungry for business that they will line up for kilometers to respond to an RFP.  This is increasingly not the case. We’re actually seeing fewer responses to even “good RFPs.” I think there’s a couple reasons for this:  The best suppliers are always busy, and especially in the areas we cover — content technologies — demand has remained reasonably high.  The macro-economic climate has vendors and integrators scrutinizing sales costs and taking a harder look at where they allocate their bid resources.  Consulting and integration companies are particularly busy. Are you looking for outside integration help to supplement your lean internal project teams? Well, you’re not alone.” [Read More]

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