Flash Websites For Photographers: “Kiss Of Death” Or A Good Idea?

A recent PhotoShelter.com blog article asked if Flash websites for Photographers were a good idea or a “kiss of death”.  Pointing out the recent furore over Apple’s decision to drop Flash for the iPad, the PhotoShelter blog solicits the opinion of a number of photographers and web designers, ranging from this statement by PhotoShelter’s own Grover Sanschagrin :

A photographer website built entirely in Flash has become a liability, not an asset, and should be avoided. Photographers with Flash-based websites should start formulating their evacuation plan now, because those with these websites will soon find themselves losing ground to those who don’t.” [Read More]

…to the following by Rob Haggart who is more positive about Flash:

It’s hard to beat Flash for showing off photography. When I worked as a Photography Director I looked at thousands upon thousands of websites and I was always wowed by how well flash displayed photography. I also never heard anyone complain about it. That’s why I chose it as the main language for the sites I build now.” [Read More]

The pros and cons described by the various comentators may assist anyone implementing DAM to make a more informed decision about using Flash – especially if there is a public facing element where SEO factors may come into play.

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