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Eric FulmerThis week’s DAM News interview is with Eric Fulmer, Vice President of Operations for ShotFlow.  Eric approaches Digital Asset Management from the perspective of what he refers to as Studio Production Management (SPM).  Of particular interest to me was Eric’s answer to the question: What’s the most important thing for someone new to DAM to understand?

DAM is far more complicated than it seems. We refer to the ‘onion layers’ that are peeled back as you dive into this unique niche. There are so many variables, exceptions, and complex relationships between different production objects (campaigns, jobs/projects, requests, style guides, products, samples, groupings, talent, bookings, shoots, shot lists, shots, assets…). Nothing is simple, and every brand has its own unique data model, business rules and processes.” [Read More]

I absolutely agree with him over this point.  Numerous times when I deal with consulting clients, they are eager to get ‘a simple DAM’, but the reality is there is no such thing because no organisation over a certain size is very ‘simple’ either, whether you look at its wider culture or even some more specific like its digital asset operations.

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