Do Your Developers Use Their Own Software?

Steve Radick, writing on the Enterprise 2.0 blog asks a valid question about how frequently developers actually use software they have built for users:

Unfortunately, IT departments at large companies and government agencies are too often doing the equivalent of developing Android apps at work and using the iPhone at home. Sharepoint developers implement Sharepoint, yet they don’t use it to manage the implementation. The guys installing your organization’s blogging software don’t realize that the “Add a Picture” button doesn’t work because they don’t have blogs.  The team responsible for increasing awareness of your Enterprise 2.0 platform haven’t even created profiles of themselves.” [Read More]

He outlines six key benefits of having the developer actively involved as a user:

  • Higher quality product
  • Increased credibility
  • Increased “forgive-ability”
  • Content Seeding
  • Common Ground
  • Greater ownership in the final product

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