Digital Asset Supply Chains And Seismic Changes In The Enterprise DAM Software Market

I have written a feature article for DAM News with the title: Enterprise Discontent With Current DAM Solutions And The Impending Future Of Digital Asset Management.  The piece covers a number of concurrent developments in the enterprise segment of DAM (and quite possibly applies to smaller-scale implementations also).  This is the summation of some observations and in-depth discussions I have had with a number of people active in DAM recently as well as conversations with clients who are dissatisfied with their current enterprise DAM solutions.

The article covers some themes that we have been tracking on DAM News for a number of years now (certainly from when I was first involved with this publication).  In particular it addresses the revisions that concepts like digital asset supply chains will introduce in terms of how DAM software gets implemented, managed and integrated within organisations:

Most enterprises (certainly those of a significant size) want to control their supply chain, but this does not mean they are willing to hand over large sums for someone else to go and do it nor buy up lots of non-core businesses that might only offer tenuous or temporary value. What they want is to have the flexibility of building their own product, but without all the implementation cost and complexity. It’s less about vendors who can produce yet more bloated products that aim to cover every single possible user requirement minus one (i.e. the one they currently need most of all) and more about a strategic ability to help them implement a digital asset supply chain as flexibly and cost-effectively as possible.” [Read More]


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