De-Constructing And Re-Architecting The DAM Software Industry: Devising A More Sustainable And Innovative Approach

Earlier this month, I wrote an article describing how I believe the DAM software business is sleepwalking into a subservient integrator/channel partner model which will have undesirable consequences for innovation (and therefore the sustainability) of this technology sector.  At the end of that piece, I said I would write a follow-up item with some solutions.  In Re-Architecting The DAM Software Market For Longer-Term Sustainability I have described the nature of what I propose as well as a checklist of strategic points for vendors to consider.

the [DAM] industry needs to be deconstructed and incrementally re-built from the ground up. This is not a recommendation to engage in a collective second system exercise, so I would not advocate completely destroying existing applications and starting again. Instead, a transitional approach is needed whereby those who want to offer DAM services are neither required to build and maintain everything themselves, nor expose themselves to the commercial risks associated with renting their application infrastructure from some larger entity who could act like a ‘Cloud Mafioso’ should they feel so inclined.” [Read More]

The article is long, but there is a lot to talk about.  If any readers are headed to New York this week for the Henry Stewart event, I will be assisting on the DAM Guru booth as well as delivering a presentation with Jean Lozano from MediaValet.  Anyone who wants to discuss this topic with me (or other subjects relating to DAM) please feel free to come along and have a chat.

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