DAM And The Democratisation Of Content

Philip Spiegel, writing under his DAM Ideas blog discusses how Digital Asset Management has the (partially realised) potential democratise access to content.  He also cites some examples of museums and archives that once used to require a time consuming and highly formalised process to allow access to their archives and how YouTube now effectively provides the same content but in a much less restrictive fashion:

There are no barriers to this access beyond my ability to get online and search YouTube. I’m not limited by the cost, time and hours of availability dictated by the old gatekeepers. THIS is the democratization of the experience. DAM allows for users access of the content. Basically, we build efficient sandboxes and let the users define the experience and in turn the value. The value can be in the content, the service, the access or a combination. But, users will define the value equation and shine light on strengths and weaknesses you couldn’t have fully expected.” [Read More]

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