Clemency Wright Interview

Clemency WrightThis week’s DAM News interview is with metadata and photo keywording expert, Clemency Wright.  She has worked for a number of well-known image libraries such as Getty Images and cultural/heritage organisations like the V&A Museum in London, as well as other clients of her consulting business.  Clemency has some great advice for those new to DAM, amongst a number of other excellent points:

DAM is not a solution; it is a framework within which to develop and iterate your content strategy.  DAM is never done; it needs to adapt and respond to changes in your content and market.  DAM cannot really be “owned” by an individual, team or organisation. It should be user-focused. An “agile” project management style is more appropriate for DAM
DAM connects people with content. Keywords are the “fuel” in your search system, so Keywording Strategy should be considered very early on in the DAM process” [Read More]

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