DAM News Round-Up – 4th October 2021

A selection of recent DAM and digital marketing technology related articles from around the web.

PaaS : Photography as a Service

Analogue fans might want to look away for this recent article by Paul Melcher writing in Kaptur magazine that discusses the demise of traditional photography as the ubiquity of smartphone cameras and their increasing capabilities slowly supersedes  the bulky equipment of the last century.  In this digitopian future, Paul explains that even previously ‘professional’ areas such as fashion and wedding photography, which are already under threat by more agile set-ups, will simply be replaced by AI-powered Photography as a Service (PaaS) that will be able to provide on-the-fly composites of any scene imaginable.

Taxonomies for Human Resources

Author, taxonomist and data engineer Heather Hedden take a look at the lesser common role of taxonomies within HR.  After her recent attendance at the HR Technology Conference, Heather explains how attention was drawn to the growing trend of ‘skills taxonomies’ in talent management systems, job boards, and intranets, and how they can improve connections not just between workers and jobs, but also between training materials, assignments and tasks, and matchmaking employees with coaches or mentors.

Interview with Frédéric Sanuy

Continuing our series of DAM News Interviews is Founder of Activo Frédéric Sanuy.  My co-contributor Ralph Windsor poses a series of questions covering Frédéric’s previous experience within DAM, tips for newcomers to the industry, and his vision for the future.  Notable remarks and insights include the current fragmentation of the sector, predictions for further acquisitions in the coming years, and how DAM will assimilate more marketing capabilities.

PhotoShelter Announces Significant Growth Investment

Speaking of acquisitions, photo management and DAM platform provider PhotoShelter have just announced its partnership with technology investment firm Clearhaven Partners.  According to the article, the investment will “accelerate platform development and allow PhotoShelter to continue its mission of transforming how creative professionals work”.  Other recent acquisitions include Acquia’s buying up of Widen, the takeover of Woodwing by Main Capital, and Viking Ventures’ buyout of Norwegian DAM provider FotoWare.

How to Win on the Digital Shelf

Digital Asset Management software vendor Widen investigate the concept of the digital shelf, which refers to the numerous online channels where customers can view and purchase your products.  The article provides a number of tips and techniques to ensure your products reach the rights viewers, including having a robust yet flexible SEO (search engine optimisation) strategies, prioritising your most popular lines, keeping abreast of customer reviews, and clarifying price points.

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