Interview with Frédéric Sanuy

Frederic SanuyWe have recently published an interview with Frédéric Sanuy, CEO and co-founder of Activo.  Amongst other noteworthy points, Frédéric has some great observations about the challenges that can be encountered with DAM.  In particular this response:

Today my challenges are to deploy DAM systems across large organization between brands and retailers in ecosystems with CRMs, PIMs and CMS. The one DAM vision is always a challenge not from the technology standpoint but the processes standpoint! Success is 95% people, 5% technology.” [Read More]

The interview can be found here: An index of all DAM News interviews is also available.

Readers might also be interested to know that Activo are hosting a DAM conference in Paris aimed at both DAM customers and vendors on November 29th and 30th 2021 called OnDAM Paris 2021:

An event entirely dedicated to the foundations of a DAM system with business workshops, thematic conferences with the best experts, solution presentations, customer feedback, and technologies integrated into the heart of the company’s ecosystem.  OnDAM brings together the best of brands, retailers, government organisations, museums, photographers and agencies in the heart of Paris.” [Read More]


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