DAM News Round-Up – 27th September 2021

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web.

Announcing OpenMetadata

A new open-source metadata project has recently been launched.  According to the press release, OpenMetadata aims to provide a “single place to discover, collaborate, and get your data right“.  We’ve covered the crucial importance of metadata numerous times on DAM News, and we’re pleased to see that an initiative has taken the plunge and chosen to reimagine and consolidate metadata with a ground-up, schema-first approach.  The article provides further details on joining the project, along with links to their GitHub page, and full documentation on installing and developing with the new standards and specifications.

The secrets of Coca-cola’s branding and marketing strategies

Digital Asset Management platform provider Bynder examine the global marketing and branding strategies of Coca-Cola, and how ambitious marketers can learn from their approach.  The article covers six main categories: a robust multi-sensory identity; tuning into corporate social responsibility issues (CSR); focusing on how your products make people feel (i.e. brand empathy); remaining relevant; being diverse; and creating unforgettable marketing campaigns.  Although most companies don’t have access to Coca-Cola’s budget, the advice is nonetheless relevant to any organisation.

Elevate Your Brand with Image Relay’s New PIM

DAM vendor Image Relay have recently announced that they’ve added PIM (Product Information Management) to their product line-up.  A number of other DAM vendors have recently expanded their DAM platforms to include other functionality (such as PIM) including Widen, who were recently acquired by Acquia.  Whether DAM end-users are better buying PIMs or DAMs from specialist providers who focus on one or the other is an interesting question which will is likely to be hotly debated.

Interview With Jennifer Anna

Continuing the DAM News Interview series, we have recently published an interview with World Wildlife Fund Digital Asset Manager Jennifer Anna.  Covering a broad range of topics, Anna’s insightful observations and advice include the challenges of the vendor selection process, the importance of preparing sufficient staffing resources, gaining buy-in from stakeholders, nurturing the right culture, and the benefit of online DAM communities.

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