DAM News Round-Up – 16th May 2022

Digital Asset Management News

A selection of DAM and marketing technology related articles from around the web.

How to work faster with metadata-based workflows

Norwegian DAM software provider Fotoware present a how-to guide for metadata-based workflows – a method that allows you to automate various time-consuming tasks such as approval, revocation and publication of bulk digital assets.  A number of detailed example scenarios are provided, along with links to a couple of eBooks covering metadata management and governance, and a breakdown of the most common time-saving DAM workflows (email registration required).

The Importance of Vendor-Neutral Digital Asset Hubs

DAM News Editor Ralph Windsor has recently published an article discussing the significance of vendor-neutral digital asset hubs.  Focusing on their role within the digital asset supply chain, Ralph explores how CI HUB, a content source management outfit, have realised the importance and flexibility of tapping into multiple asset sources (such as DAM, stock libraries, and online storage providers) from various applications including Photoshop, WordPress, and other CMS platforms.  A detailed and insightful article considering both the user’s and vendor’s perspective.

Goodbye DXPs, Hello Composable Stacks

We’ve briefly touched upon composable DXPs (Digital Experience Platforms) in a previous round-up, and this latest article from Apoorv Durga further examines their role in a modern omni-channel landscape.  Apoorv discusses how, after going through a number of different labels, the concept of a unified platform to manage content, customers, marketing, ecommerce and social media still ranks low among our list of enterprise management tools.  The article provides a brief history of the confusing acronyms that vendors have used to offer cobbled-together ‘multi-platforms’, and why such do-it-all umbrella applications generally fail.  Apoorv includes a number of useful comparisons between off-the-shelf DXPs and so-called Digital Experience Stacks (i.e. modular components that you choose and assemble yourself, based on their individual merits and usability).

Interview With Craig Bollig

Craig Bollig, advisor for DAM solutions provider Orange Logic is the latest subject in our DAM News Interview series.  Covering his past with Widen, the unexpected success of a philanthropic individual adopted a personal DAM initiative, and his thoughts on the holistic future of DAM, Craig’s responses are both detailed and insightful, displaying a skill for conveying the concepts of DAM in terms that should make sense to both novices and seasoned digital asset professionals alike.

New Guide: How to Launch Products With DAM

Molly Hamm, Content Specialist with Digital Asset Management vendor Widen, provides tips on how to launch new products with the help of a DAM system.  The article focuses on three key features, governance, portals, and entries, and the interplay between them can be utilised to help product and marketing teams improve their workflows, scale up their content operations, and accelerate time to market.  Although the feature and function names will undoubtedly be different, the underlying concepts and advice within the downloadable guide can be applied to any DAM/PIM software.

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