DAM News Round-Up – 25th April 2022

A selection of DAM and marketing technology related articles from around the web.

6 game-changing visual tech innovations

This recent article from visual tech magazine Kaptur presents six emerging technology innovations that are changing the way we view, capture and edit visuals.  Among the applications are the text-to-image generation tool DALL-E 2, the Max Planck Institute’s StyleNeRF, which is capable of creating photorealistic 3D models from 2D images, NVIDIA’S GANverse3D application, that’s also capable of converting 2D to 3D models, UC Irvine’s AI tool to shoot full colour images in total darkness, Mojo Vision’s augmented reality contact lenses, and Stanford University’s low-cost depth-measuring method that uses standard image sensors in place of LiDAR.  A number of other honourable mentions are also included from the likes of TikTok, Apple, and Google.

VAIsual introduces the world’s largest biometrically released real-life dataset

The somewhat unpronounceable synthetic media company vAisual has recently announced the launch of its dataset of 500,000 “legally clean” high resolution photographs of real people.  In an attempt to tackle the trend of illegally harvesting images from the internet to train machine learning facial recognition systems, this new resource has been custom built to remove as many biases as possible, including race, gender, age, and ethnicity.

6 Steps on Building a Digital Asset Management Solution (DAM)

DAM solutions provider Pics.io present a detailed how-to for building a Digital Asset Management solution.  Actually, the title is rather misleading as the article doesn’t provide anything of the sort – it’s simply a list of the benefits of using a DAM platform, a series of steps that should be taken before, during and after implementing one that already exists, and a fairly stark warning about attempting to actually build your own.  That being said, there is a sizeable chunk of basic information and simple guidance to chew through, which might be especially useful if you’re completely new to DAM.

The hyper-growth of synthetic media: all is not as it seems

Lauren Barr, Head of Research at privacy and reputation specialists Schillings has recently posted an article exploring both the positive and negative impact of synthetic media.  Covering readily available technologies such as deepfake videos and AI-generated faces, Lauren explains how it is already being used for nefarious purposes such as disseminating fake news, propaganda, and lending legitimacy to scam attempts.  A number of legal cases further demonstrate the gravity of the problem, along with the increasing difficulty in detecting synthetic media using current digital forensic methods.

Composable DXPs: Building Blocks of a Modern Martech Stack

Like many technologies that are moving away from monolithic, silo-based solutions and single vendor lock-ins, the marketing technology sector is also picking up speed and heading towards more modular architectures.  A so-called composable DXP (Digital Experience Platform) is designed to be customisable, portable, easy to implement, and easy to use.  This recent article from Simpler Media Group’s Tim Harnett explores the pick ‘n’ mix nature of DXPs, and how their agile and modular nature allows organisations to predict costs more accurately and begin operations far more quickly compared to the roadmap of implementing traditional all-in-one solutions.

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