2024 DAM Vendor Pricing Survey – Now Open For Participation

Once again, we are conducting our DAM vendor pricing survey and are now inviting vendors to participate in the 2024 edition.  This is the third time we have run the survey, with previous surveys being conducted in 2016 and 2018.  It remains as the only survey of its kind in the DAM industry.

As with the previous surveys, all vendor information is fully anonymised and those that participate are entitled to a free copy of the survey results.  Each company that submits pricing information will also have their profile included in a follow-up article, along with a list of all the other participating vendors.

The only requirement is that vendors must have an entry in the DAM News Vendor Directory.

If you wish to participate in the survey, please contact Russell McVeigh, DAM News Editor, at the email address below.

russell.mcveigh at activo-consulting dot com

Once you have expressed your interest, you will be sent an invitation email with a link to the survey questionnaire (it should take less than five minutes to complete).

The information from the survey is presented in an anonymous format, with numbers to represent vendors, so it is not possible to identify how much any given supplier charges.

Please note: we will not be providing free copies of the survey to anyone who does not participate by contributing data – they must purchase a copy if they want to review the results and the analysis.

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