DAM News Round-Up – 29th April 2024

A selection of DAM-related articles from around the web, hand-picked by the DAM News editorial team.

Consent management is changing – here’s why

This recent post from DAM vendor ResourceSpace highlights the upcoming changes to consent regarding the use of personal data and cookies.  The article provides a useful primer on cookies, and explains how support for third-party cookies is slowly being phased out for all major browsers, including Google’s initial rollout of restrictions for Chrome users. Some best practice advice is also offered on managing consent, and how a DAM system can assist in ensuring compliance, transparency and the ability to withdraw consent at any time.

How to Navigate the Digital Asset Management (DAM) Demo Process

Digital Asset Management software provider OrangeLogic provide a number of practical tips and considerations when preparing to demo a DAM system – an often overwhelming and confusing exercise considering the number of similarly spec’d platforms that are available.  Advice includes starting off with a comprehensive assessment of your organisation’s current – and future – needs, along with preparing a set of example files, workflows and processes that accurately reflect real-world scenarios.  A handy checklist is also provided covering speed, performance, admin features, user experience, and configuration options, as well as a series of important questions to ask during the demonstration including permissions, integrations, security, training, and support options.  For a comprehensive guide to DAM procurement and an in-depth vendor analysis, check out our exclusive 2024 DAM Industry Report and Buyer’s Guide.

5 Categories of Integrations Essential for a DAM Solution

This recent article from DAM services provider CyanGate takes a look at five key DAM integrations that can assist in providing your users and customers with a more seamless and personalised digital experience, whether it’s the ability to conveniently edit your DAM-based campaign artwork directly within Photoshop, or tapping into product data from your e-commerce platform.  The integrations covered include: CMS (content management systems), PIM (product information management), Marketing Automation, Design & Creative, and Project Management.

Digital Asset Management ROI

DAM software provider AssetBank highlight the potential return on investment (ROI) that a DAM system can provide by way of a handy infographic covering the key areas where ROI can be realised, along with a table containing potential savings and a five-year growth chart.  As regular readers are no doubt aware, we’ve explored the topic of ROI calculations numerous times here on DAM News and noted how simplistic quantitative methods (e.g. formulae based on the amount of time/money saved by each employee) often amount to little more than speculation.

Redaction Capabilities And Digital Asset Management: What You Need To Know

This insightful article from Belfast-based DAM vendor Aetopia takes a look at the topic of image, video and document redaction within DAM – a somewhat niche feature that very few platforms offer (a cursory search suggests that only Aetopia and FotoWare have built-in redaction options).  The post explores the various scenarios where redaction might be required, including digital evidence management, enterprise confidentiality, and the protection of sensitive or personal information within charity, medical or healthcare sectors.

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