Fear And Losing Control To Field Sales And Marketing

Rhonda Basler, of Mail Print, one of our featured DAM Vendors, have posted a blog entry about fears many larger organisations have about ceding control over sales and marketing to colleagues in the field and what technology options are available now to assuage those concerns.  The fears discussed include:

  • My brand and brand message will be distorted.
  • There’s a lack of quality data and mailing lists at a local level.
  • They (the field, location, and marketing managers) will spend too much.
  • After investing in a communications portal, it is not utilized and doesn’t produce a positive ROI.
  • They aren’t savvy enough to know what to do.

Technology has advanced rapidly to make the management of marketing materials faster, easier and more controlled for companies with distributed locations, marketing staff and field sales. The solution that is central to improving the quality of branded communications comes in many shapes and sizes and has many names like: marketing asset management, communications portal, print on-demand, web-to-print, and digital asset management.” [Read More]

My brand and brand message will be distorted.

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