5 Brand Maxims for Digital Marketers

Anna Cotton, Head of Marketing for Brandworkz, has recently posted an article outlining a number of tips for raising and consolidating brand awareness across your business.  ‘How to get the most value out of your digital asset management platform’ provides a simple entrée into the benefits of adopting best-practice brand management across an organisation.

The five key points are:

  1. Integration of brand management with the existing intranet
  2. Brand visibility
  3. Establishing a brand community by way of forums and discussion boards
  4. Centralisation of the DAM system and ease of access
  5. Providing online brand training

The absence of any in-depth technical information or real-world insights results in the article reading more like a ‘cheat sheet’ – a beginner’s checklist – as opposed to providing any platform-specific tips on how to get more value from your organisation’s chosen asset management platform.

“Because your employees are more likely to feel stimulated as brand evangelists to carry the right messages consistently through whatever channel of the business they operate in if they are immersed in the brand at the start of each day.” [Read More]

Although I’m sure there are indeed ‘brand evangelists’ amongst our marketing teams, such campfire enthusiasm is hard to maintain and often has more to do with the ethos of a brand as opposed to the availability of its digital resources. The more prosaic advice is nonetheless solid, especially concerning the provision of a community space to act as a springboard for ideas and a platform for discussing brand issues:

A digital asset management platform’s key function is to give access to brand assets such as logos, templates, images and videos. So wider accessibility to all departments across the business will ensure that, not only are brand assets available to a broader user base but the brand guidelines that go with them are stressed prominently too.” [Read More]

The key points here are adoption, promotion and visibility, and although you might not find anything new or exclusive among the jetsam, there’s enough to help push you in the right direction if you’ve just started to comb the beach for some simple pointers.

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