Enhancing Marketing Creativity By Analysing Asset Usage Data

Libby Maurer, product manager at Widen has contributed a feature article to DAM News: DAM Analytics: A Smarter Approach to Creative Marketing.  The item considers the benefits of using insights gleaned from usage data about digital assets.  Libby uses a few example scenarios to illustrate the thesis of her piece, which is that analytics can be used to enhance marketer’s creativity by providing them with the data required to make more informed decisions:

Of all the stressors that keep digital marketers up at night, data is in a class of its own. Today, there is an expectation that every decision should be “data-driven.” Even content itself, crafted through a creative and often haphazard process, is supposed to obey the cold reason of metrics. Can intuition and sparks of inspiration exist in a kingdom ruled by analytics?  I would argue that digital asset management (DAM) analytics can actually liberate creativity rather than suppress it. By asking the right questions of assets, we can test our gut instincts and take greater risks, knowing that data will either validate or invalidate our ideas. Simply put, DAM analytics empower us to experiment, see the results and produce better content.” [Read More]

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