Selecting The Right DAM System For Marketers

Anna Cotton Head of Marketing for DAM vendor, Brandworkz has contributed a feature article for DAM News: DAM Simple: How To Select The Right Digital Asset Management System If You Are A Marketer.  The article covers a few pointers about ensuring the vendor you deal with understands what you want to achieve and avoids excessive technical jargon:

A DAM system should most certainly offer a friendly interface that’s simplicity itself to use, but we believe simplicity should also be the watchword throughout the whole process of specifying, purchasing and implementing a platform too. While we’ve seen the rise of the Chief Marketing Technologist in larger organisations, marketers generally still tend to be non-technology specialists.” [Read More]

A lot of this should already be apparent to many marketing managers as most of them will now probably have at least heard Digital Asset Management mentioned a few times before, however, it’s still worthwhile getting a reminder.  Irrespective of how sophisticated the vendor claims their technology is, it’s unwise to buy anything you don’t properly understand, even if you are under some duress from colleagues to purchase something in short order.

The point Anna makes about not dealing with vendors who over-sell is a good one.  DAM sales should be closer to training exercises where the vendor representative delivers their presentation on the basis that you are already a user and their role is to help you understand what their system can (and cannot) do as well as how it will help you to be more productive.  That is the fundamental reason why people buy DAM technology; the vendor has to get this across and clearly communicate how it will be achieved using their product.

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  • When using a digital asset management system, the interface needs to be simple to use and have a neat layout in order for the user to find required assets quickly. However, with the interface, there needs to be a balance with the amount of available features that are available to use. When looking into DAM systems, the buyer should consider whether what they are able to use the specific software for can benefit their particular business process.

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