Out of Stock: Will Free and Synthetic Content Herald the End of Photo Libraries?

Shockwaves could soon be reaching the once impregnable walls of the stock photo industry’s bunkers due to shifts in the image library landscape and associated emerging technologies.

Firstly, deep-fakes and synthetic content are now beginning to mature, making both its creators and subjects equally redundant, at least where human subjects …

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Featured Job: Digital Preservation Manager, Science Museum Group – 2nd October 2020

This week’s featured job is for a Digital Preservation Manager with the Science Museum Group – a prestigious organisation managing five world-class museums located in Manchester, York, London, Bradford and Shildon.  Responsible for both Collections and Corporate records, you will become the group’s lead on Digital Preservation, ensuring best practice …

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Facebook’s Rights Manager for Images: A Bitter Pill for Viral Content?

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic aggressively reclaiming it, the word ‘viral’ had adopted an altogether different meaning in our lives.  The phenomenon of a massively shared video or image is now commonplace, from twitter-storms to Instagram memes, the regurgitation of a particular image with innumerable same-but-different variations of (what the …

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