DAM News Round-Up – 26th April 2021

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

What is the difference between DAM and BAM?

Brand Management software provider BrandMaster discuss the difference between Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Brand Asset Management (BAM) in this recent blog post. Sadly, the post fails to shed much light on the real differences in terms of technical functionality or feature-set, instead favouring rather vague definitions such as ‘files related to the brand’ and that a BAM is ‘the system that systemizes the brand’, conceding that BAM is a sub-group of DAM.  The Northplains article they link to is a little more informative, but in summary – and aside from the context and manner in which they are used – it appears there’s very little actual difference between the two technologies.

Driving Enterprise Software Adoption: Four Steps to an Effective DAM Software Adoption Plan

DAM vendor Brandfolder present the common challenge of gaining widespread user adoption of DAM software, along with four steps that could help your organisation tackle the onboarding process with greater success.  The four steps are: gaining executive buy-in, devising an adoption strategy, an efficient onboarding campaign, and ongoing support and improvement.  The article contains a good level of detail, with the advice being equally suited to any type of enterprise software user adoption.

Unlock best-in-class results with PIM and DAM

The topic of Digital Transformation is front and centre for DAM software provider Bynder, who have recently announced their partnership with PIM tools provider and global leader in Product Experience Management (PXM) Akeneo.  DAM and PIM is one of the more common integrations, and the article continues by presenting a number of its strategic benefits for omni-channel digital transformation. For further information, you can check out Akeneo’s Unlock 2021 event, which showcases the latest PXM market trends and best practices.

Tips for Tackling a Massive Backlog of Assets

DAM consultants Stacks provide a series of useful tips for dealing with a large backlog of digital assets.  Beginning with a full audit to map out the location and type of assets that need to be dealt with, guidance includes prioritising your most important assets; getting rid of duplicates and purging or archiving obsolete files; vigilantly applying standards such as metadata fields, and file naming conventions; planning ahead with a future archival strategy; and ensuring that housekeeping rules are followed by implementing regular audits and scheduled clean-ups.

Another DAM Podcast interview with Giovanni Benigni about Digital Asset Management

Henrik de Gyor of Another DAM Podcast hosts a fascinating interview with the Vatican Museums’ Digital Transformation lead advisor, Giovanni Benigni.  This ten minute podcast covers the last twenty-something years of Giovanni’s mission to unify the Vatican’s vast yet disparate collections, along with a number of DAM insights that he has picked up along the way.

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