Special Feature: Audit & Review Techniques To Improve DAM ROI

DAM News contributing editor, Ralph Windsor, has written another special feature exclusively for us.  This piece is called: DAM Vital Signs – Performance Review Techniques To Enhance ROI.  The article examines several different methods for auditing DAM systems and combining that data with user feedback to meet the wider objective of improving ROI.  Points covered include:

  • The DAM raw data & processing tools that can help
  • What information you need to know
  • At what points an analysis exercise is most effective
  • The vital signs to look out for
  • Extrapolating statistical patterns and when to proceed with care
  • The importance of talking to users and getting their feedback
  • How to best conduct user feedback exercises
  • Segmenting users into different groups based on usage patterns

A common theme that should be emerging with many of these statistical evaluations is there are multiple reasons, some more plausible than others. As should be obvious from my discussion above, for most of these, there are at least two explanations for a given trend (often more). It is not advisable to rely exclusively on a hypothesis derived from one factor alone and even using several might still give you a false impression…This is the counterpoint to the statistical analysis described above and I would contend that you need to compare it with what people are telling you to derive realistic assessments of how the DAM system is being used and what you need to do to get more value from it.” [Read More]

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