Feature Article: Streamlined Marketing Campaign Material with DAM

Mark Hilton, CEO and Founder of DAM tool vendor Santa Cruz Software, has recently contributed an article highlighting a common issue faced by non-creative employees: how to quicklyand effectively customise and edit sales, marketing and social media campaign materials without the need to call in a designer or get to grips with often complex creative software such as Adobe’s Photoshop.  Such a challenge can often lead to employees taking shortcuts and producing substandard or amateurish results, which in turn can jeopardise your company’s brand.

Mark explores a potential solution by way of DAM integrations, whereby creative teams produce templates containing editable elements that can be modified by regular users without the risk of sacrificing the integrity of the original design or your brand’s image.

By making brand-compliant design easy-to-use and accessible to all, it invites innovation and unlocks further use cases. Design teams can reduce their time spent making small edits and focus more time on creating new well-designed materials. The future of collaboration across teams with a tool integrated with DAMs, paving the way for more efficient and user-friendly digital asset management.”  [Read More]

You can read the full article at the link below.


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  • I found this article to be very interesting. As a non-creative person myself, I greatly appreciate the idea of having the option of templates or sort of pre made media in order to take away the stress and time to ensure the product fits the brand. I can imagine this would put all of the focus back on creating the right message instead of fiddling with the aesthetics. This article also shows how DAM can be so much more than what may be typically expected. It can do so much more, and reach beyond the normal tasks of DAM. Bravo to the innovators who think outside the box to better serve the users.

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