Feature Article: API-First and Headless DAM

As part of our series on API-first DAM implementations, DAM News Editor Russell McVeigh has written a feature article exploring the characteristics, benefits and methodologies behind API-first and headless DAM systems.  The article examines the architectural and workflow advantages of an API-first platform, and how stripping away the bells and whistles of often overly-complex and convoluted applications can provide developers with a much clearer sense of logic and a simple yet powerful foundation upon which to build their DAM system and extend their technology stack.

By its design, an API-first DAM should be impartial towards the services, systems and technologies that are consuming it.  Whether it’s a developer running an audit via the command line, a marketer batch ingesting digital assets, or a museum administrator accessing photographs from an archive, the calls are all routed to and from the same endpoint, and as long as the user has sufficient privileges and access, the API is oblivious to how or where its data is being used.”  [Read More]

You can read the full article at the link below.


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