Call for Contributions: API-First and Headless DAM

As composable software models become more prevalent in our technology stacks, the role of API-first and headless platforms is also on the rise, facilitating modular, customisable and reusable components.  In our upcoming series on the topic, we will be covering the fundamental concepts behind API-first DAM implementations, exploring how they operate in practice, and how separating the front-end user interface from the DAM’s core functionality can provide numerous advantages in terms of flexibility, interoperability and extensibility.

What is an API-First DAM?

Essentially, an API-first DAM is a system which has an interface and feature-set that is built entirely upon the operations available via the API (commonly known as API ‘calls’).  This means that anything a user can do, the underlying API can also do, and conversely, there should be no additional functionality in the front-end that isn’t handled by the API (excluding client-side only features such as changing the layout or appearance).

Call for Contributions

In our upcoming series, we will be delving deeper into the often unseen realm of API-First and headless DAM, and we would love to hear from you!  We are therefore inviting contributions on the topic.  Are you currently developing or integrating an API-First or headless DAM?  Have you had a positive or negative experience with a particular DAM system’s API?  Are you an API designer or DAM manager that can provide some additional insights and guidance for our readers?  If so, please feel free to get in touch.  Articles should be non-promotional and follow our editorial guidelines.

You can send your contributions to

We reserve the right to modify submissions in order to comply with our editorial guidelines and will notify the author should we need to make any changes.  We will also provide a link to either you or your company’s website and/or LinkedIn profile.

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