Call for Contributions: User Adoption Challenges within DAM

This month’s editorial theme is User Adoption Challenges within DAM.  There are a number of common key causes for the majority of user adoption issues when introducing, upgrading or migrating to a new DAM system: resistance to change, insufficient training and documentation, misalignment with users’ needs, poor, complex or convoluted user experience (UX) design, and inadequate change management, communication or leadership.

Getting your users onside is as equally important as gaining buy-in from stakeholders and requires that users understand not only how to use the DAM system, but also why it is beneficial to your organisation.  Fostering a sense of collaboration by including your users and garnering their feedback throughout the planning stage can help overcome any initial resistance and ensures that any potential changes have already been informally accepted.

Call for Contributions

We’re inviting our readers and subscribers to share their own tips, insights and experiences on the subject of user adoption.  Do you use a tried-and-tested approach to grease the wheels when rolling out new systems or processes?  Have you successfully employed gamification techniques to improve adoption?  Has your organisation been forced to abandon a DAM initiative due to a negative user reaction?

Contributed articles must be exclusive to DAM News (i.e. not previously published elsewhere), non-promotional and adhere to our editorial guidelines.

You can send your contributions to

We reserve the right to modify submissions in order to comply with our editorial guidelines and will notify the author should we need to make any changes.  We will also provide a link to either you or your company’s website and/or LinkedIn profile.

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