Reaction To DAM Innovation Article Series From DAM Guru Members

Ben Smidt, who is manager of the DAM Guru Programme has contributed a feature article for DAM News that both collates and discusses some of the comments expressed by some of their members about our article series: What’s Holding DAM Back:

I believe strongly that any industry stands to be better off with more educated individuals in it. This means not just customers or users of DAM technology, but also the inclusion of vendor employees and those who in the media sector report on the topic. If leaders and experts in diverse industries could come together to share ideas and test real solutions, based on feedback and brainstorming, we might have a chance at advancing our industry.” [Read More]

As well as Ben’s item, you can also read all the responses on their website.  For anyone who missed it, the series was also discussed at the Atlanta DAM Meetup last month and Elizabeth Keathley made an audio recording of it which was turned into a podcast that you can listen to.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the directness and honesty of the reactions generated by these articles.  They should serve to demonstrate how there are multiple layers to the experiences of users and why there is still a massive amount of work to do before DAM can be said to have realised anything like its full potential as an enterprise technology.

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