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We have recently published an interview with Henrik de Gyor, who many readers will know from Another DAM Podcast and Another DAM Blog.  The piece contains a number of fascinating insights and is well worth checking out.  Henrik’s vision for what DAM may look like in five years’ time particularly resonated with me:

I think some DAM clients will outsource the metadata creation and the management of a DAM to contracted companies who make it their core competency to do this for their clients. I think AI tagging or autotagging will drastically improve by “learning” from the clients’ datasets. I believe within the next five years, some DAM systems will not only continue to be a central hub for digital assets but may become digital media engines to help create new digital assets based on its library of datasets by producing synthetic content to either inspire more creations and generating new digital assets never seen before.” [Read More]

The prospect of DAMs potentially becoming not only a source for content generated outside it but responsible for origination also (i.e. synthetic material) is an excellent point.  I would expect to see quite a lot more commercial integration across the digital asset supply chain (and demand for technical capabilities to help achieve it).

The interview with Henrik is part of our DAM News interview series, which now has over 100 interviews with a number of DAM industry participants.

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