Feature Article: Understanding The Meaning And Scope Of Digital Assets – Part 2

In the second part of this article series: Re-Defining The Meaning And Scope Of Digital Assets – Part 2, I continue to examine the changing meaning and scope of the term ‘digital assets’.  In this piece, I analyse digital assets as commodities, cryptocurrencies, blockchains and also consider some more cutting edge technologies and how DAM these might relate to them:

As was discussed in the previous article, most current examples of digital assets are (to a greater or lesser extent) unique entities. This is what gives them their intrinsic value because otherwise it is possible to substitute one for another and obtain the same benefits. As described in Appreciating The Value Of Digital Assets: Understanding The Potential Of DAM In 2016 however, digital tokens like Bitcoin and the blockchains (or distributed ledgers) used to record transactions using them are gaining momentum and becoming accepted as more than just experimental projects. A term now being applied to refer to them is commodity digital assets.” [Read More]

Part one is also available for anyone who missed it.

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