Consolidated DAM Solutions – Implement Bigger Systems Or Use A Service-Oriented Strategy?

Today, I have published a feature article for DAM News: Devising Strategies For Consolidating DAM Solutions Using A Service Oriented Model.  The subject is concerned with the recent interest in consolidating DAM solutions which seems to be a popular one with DAM users who have been through previous implementation exercises (and is rapidly becoming the majority now).  I have analysed the reasons why organisations decide to consolidate, the issues they sometimes encounter and an alternative method which I think is more likely to be sustainable over the longer-term.  The article has some technical references, but should be comprehensible to other readers (especially if they have some prior experience of Digital Asset Management technology strategy).

DAM consolidation means taking a range of solutions that provide different facets of Digital Asset Management functionality and replacing them with a single solution (or at least less of them). As I will describe, while consolidation makes solving the DAM problem in your organisation appear conceptually simpler, the consequences might not always be desirable and it can have the opposite of the intended effect and create even more fragmentation. These issues can be avoided if you anticipate the pressures that lead to them and devise plans that can adapt to the needs of different groups of stakeholders.” [Read More]

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