Open Source: Control More Important Than Price

Mark Taylor of Sirius , writing on the Computerworld Blog makes the point that Open Source software is superior (as a distribution strategy) to proprietary approaches because of the control factor rather than the cost:

At the point that the restrictions on the software start to interfere with your ability to make decisions based on your own goals and requirements rather than those of your software supplier, your ability to function efficiently is compromised.  Open Source exists because its proponents believe that the proprietary model allows an unacceptable level of control and interference by a party whose main motivation is to separate you from more of your money.” [Read More]

This point has been made a number of times (in a varied fashion) by a number of other commentators.  In the interests of balance one would also have to say that open source can sometimes be more expensive than a proprietary option once servicing, support and other implementation costs are included – especially for enterprise solutions.

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