Southpaw Introduce Apps To Extend The Functionality Of The TACTIC Platform

One of our featured open source DAM vendors, Southpaw Technologies, have developed a series of app that are designed to run on top of their TACTIC DAM platform.  The three apps are:

  • VFX App – a specialist workflow tool for visual effects studios
  • aSync – synchronisation of multiple copies of digital assets across a wide geographic area (where they may not be stored on a central server)
  • Server Assist – an indexing and searching tool for identifying assets ingested into TACTIC

Asset Management – naming conventions, file organization, versioning, etc. Workflow Management – automated processes, event triggers, notifications, messaging, etc Task Management – scheduling, assigning tasks, apply a status to an assetc, etc Reporting and Analytics Tools – provides actionable data to keep productions on track Shot/Sequence Planner – simplifies planning by associating assets, messaging and collaborative tools to shots and sequences” [Read More]

More information is on the Southpaw site.  TACTIC is targeted at production-oriented DAM users who have large volumes of files to manage and maintain as well complex workflow requirements.  The TACTIC platform is undeniably versatile but many users require Southpaw’s own professional services team to implement a solution because they lack the expertise to set it up themselves.  This seems to be designed to address that by providing some ready-made components which answer common user requirements.

As we have reported before on DAM News, a number of open source DAM vendors are now charging for some of their tools rather than giving them all away for free (although VFX is to be included in the TACTIC source code release).

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