Open Source Licence Models

Over the last month few months, a number of articles have been published about open source licence models and the nature of open source software in a business context.  I thought I would share a few with you below:

In this CMS Wire article: Open Source Is Not Just a Marketing Term, Dee-Ann LeBlanc introduces some interesting comment:

Even before economies around the world got into a bit of a bind, the term open source was growing more and more popular. Since so many now equate open source with free, savings, cost efficiency and other such fiscal positives, the number of commercial software companies hitching the term to their products has increased. But are all of them actually doing open source in the fuller sense of the term?

On the vendor side, the article by Eric Barocca from Nuxeo which makes this point:

There is no such thing as a business model of open source, by the way. There are many reason companies are producing open source software (from Microsoft to Google, from Oracle to RedHat). The only common fact: it’s a tsunami in the industry. Everybody’s using it, software vendors being the firsts. And many are producing some.

Over the next few months, I hope to be able to talk to more open source vendors and industry analysts as this is certainly a popular area for debate and discussion amongst both the open and closed source digital asset management community.

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