DAM Weekly Round-Up – 8th April 2019

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

Building a Business Case for a DAM Solution

DAM News editor Ralph Windsor and myself have recently co-authored an article exploring the difficulties surrounding building a business case for a Digital Asset Management initiative, and how the current trends in quantifying a DAM system’s ROI are often deeply flawed.  Adopting a more reductionist view by examining an organisation’s current workflow issues via user feedback and real-world usage is one of the approaches that the article investigates.  The information should prove useful for those tasked with unmasking and gauging the true value of DAM as part of building a business case.

DAM versus Content Services

Continuing with the theme of DAM and ROI, Business Strategy Consultant Magan Arthur has published a LinkedIn article that explores the reasons why so many DAM initiatives fail to deliver on their expected ROI and benefits.  One of the key points he raises is that many business regard DAM as simply a software issue, rather than a fundamental business process, and thus fail to understand its core purpose and how to measure or evaluate its true value.  Including a brave confession of how he replaced a perfectly adequate DAM system due to a lack of governance and misplaced expectations, Magan’s article provides no-nonsense advice for anyone involved in procuring a DAM system.

Interview Series with David Diamond

My co-contributor Ralph Windsor has recently interviewed David Diamond, author or the DAM Survival Guide, founder of The DAM Guru Program and former Marketing Director of DAM vendor PicturePark.  Covering a wide range of topics, part one of this in-depth series explores David’s activities since leaving PicturePark, his reasons for doing so, and the drivers behind the formation of The DAM Guru Program. – a non-sales, vendor-neutral global initiative to support, connect and empower DAM professionals and newcomers alike.

4 Takeaways from MarTech 2019

DAM solutions provider Canto have posted a blog article presenting four takeaways from the recent MarTech conference in California.  The takeaways include: technology adoption in modern marketing; the increasingly agile approach to marketing tech; artificial intelligence; and the proposed merging of SOPS (Sales Ops) and MOPS (Marketing Ops) teams to create a new cross-functional ‘SMOPS’ council to unify your organisation’s sales and marketing workflows.

Evolphin and FileCatalyst announce partnership

Digital Asset Management vendor Evolphin have announced their partnership with file transfer specialist FileCatalyst.  As a result of integrating ‘FileCatalyst Direct’, a suite of server and client applications, Evolphin’s MAM platform Zoom has been endowed with point-to-point transfer speeds of up to 10 Gbps, allowing users to move high-resolution media on demand or as part of the ingestion process in order to maintain content sync across multiple locations.  With a focus on improving video production workflows, this new feature should come as a welcome upgrade for existing users.  Both Evolphin and FileCatalyst have stalls at the NAB show in Las Vegas this week.

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