DAM Weekly Round-Up – 4th March 2019

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

Review – IEN (Insight Exchange Network) DAM Practitioners’ Summit 2019

DAM News contributor and consultant Jeffrey Marino has written an in-depth feature review of the recent IEN Digital Asset Practitioner’s 2019 Summit.  As a relative newcomer to the DAM conference landscape it has been unfairly nudged off the radar and dismissed due to its lack of vendor (i.e. sales) presence and lower attendance figures.  However, as Jeffrey’s article demonstrates, the feedback for the event was overwhelmingly positive due to its focus on real-world, user-centric themes delivered by a cohort of professionals that genuinely care about the future of DAM.  Jeffrey’s review of the IEN summit is a must read for those seeking alternative peer-led, hands-on DAM industry events.

Pics.io Release Notes — 28 Feb 2019

DAM solutions provider Pics.io have just published release notes for their platform.  Presented as bug-fixing and general ‘polishing’ of their service, the latest round of updates comprises numerous minor workflow improvements, including easier tagging, alphabetical sorting of lightboards (i.e. private collections), previews for Adobe Illustrator files, and fixing an issue with drag ‘n’ drop uploads when using iPads.  Other minor tweaks include UI/UX enhancements and general improvements for those using mobile devices.

Taxonomy Building Steps

Taxonomy expert and author of The Accidental Taxonomist Heather Hedden has recently published a blog article that examines the initial steps involved in building a new taxonomy from scratch.  From information gathering and scoping out a draft metadata specification from both a top-down and bottom-up perspective, through to reviewing, testing, validating and revising the taxonomy, Heather’s no-nonsense advice is an essential reference point for anyone tasked with building a taxonomy.

What’s Your DAM Relationship Status?

In his recent CMSWire article, John Horodyski takes a light-hearted look at the serious and complex topic of the numerous relationships within DAM.  By leaning on the analogy of traditional ‘agony aunt’ type advice, he highlights the importance of asking great questions, being a good listener, fostering understanding and developing trust with all those involved; users, vendors, stakeholders, customers and the business itself each have their own specific needs, and John’s solid advice should assist in minimizing the potential friction in such a complex marriage of interests.

What? How? and Why? The Importance of Research for the Jewish Museum’s DAM migration

In his recent article, Carlos Acevedo, DAM Manager at the Jewish Museum, keeps us up to date with his task of migrating his institution’s digital assets to a new platform.  Carlos breaks down this brief case study into three core elements: the what, how and why of implementing a new DAM solution.  Beginning with the familiar impetus of having outgrown its legacy system, we are told how careful research and stakeholder feedback concerning the usage of assets within the institution helped him gauge the motivational and emotional drivers in order to implement a human-centred approach to the migration and the adoption of new workflows.

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