DAM Weekly Round-Up – 4th February 2019

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

Seeing the Forest – Keys to DAM Sustainability

DAM expert Carol Thomas-Knipes has provided us with the supporting material for her presentation at the recent IEN DAM Practitioner’s Summit.  Covering sustainability, usability and growth within an organisation’s DAM system, her series of mantras and insights should provide solid actionable advice for anyone involved in championing the use of DAM. A free PDF download of her presentation is also available.

On Planning, Management, Marketing and Advocacy

Ian Matzen has recently published a detailed article investigating the more cerebral aspects of planning, change management, and adoption within a DAM environment.  From the subtle intricacies of setting out a developmental roadmap, through to user acceptance testing, demoing new features and successful adoption, the article successfully drawstrings together the diverse range of roles and requirements necessary to ensure your DAM, and its users, are operating at maximum efficiency.

How blockchain can solve the industry’s rights management problems

DAM software vendor Blue Lucy have recently posted an article discussing the use of blockchain technology to tackle the industry’s rights management issues.  I have posted a number of articles considering the use of blockchain in the digital asset supply chain in the past year, but it’s good to see the subject resurrected.  Candice’s article takes a detailed look at the problems, which include data fragmentation, losing track of the content’s origin, and the time wasted to track down usage rights, and presents the case for using the immutable, decentralised nature of the blockchain to overcome them.  Personally, I believe that the blockchain is perhaps the strongest candidate yet for realising the ‘single source of truth’ that DAM systems claim to be.

Indexes and Faceted Taxonomies

Another fascinating article from taxonomy specialist Heather Hedden.  This time, Heather provides us with a detailed look at how she tackles a ‘back-of-the-book’ index.  For anyone that’s read the Lord of the Rings, you may have noticed that the index, aside from the simple A-Z listing, breaks down the vast content of Middle Earth into such categories as places, races, peoples and battles etc.  Although Heather’s task was to index a jazz saxophonist’s biography, the approach is the same and makes for an interesting read.

Daminion 6.0 Released

DAM vendor Daminion have just announced the release of a new major version of their software, primarily aimed at smaller teams.  Now in its ninth year, the latest version comes with a complete overhaul of their web client, video previews for all major formats, new user roles, improved access control, extended API calls and a range of other minor enhancements and bug fixes.

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