Insight Exchange Network (IEN) DAM Summit, 24-25th January 2019, New York

The Insight Exchange Network (IEN) is staging its second annual DAM conference in New York this January, and DAM News is a media sponsor for the event with my co-contributor Ralph Windsor being one of the moderators:

“Our increasingly content-driven world has both highlighted the necessity for and elevated the importance of an effective digital asset management strategy within the organization. IEN’s 2nd Annual Digital Asset Management Summit will focus on providing the solutions you need to stay ahead of the growing challenges you face through peer-led sessions with expert thought leaders from a range of industries.” [Read More]

The previous conference, held in January this year garnered a good deal of positive feedback from both its attendees and speakers, and looks set to become one of the key events in the DAM calendar.  DAM Guru member and co-organiser of the NYC DAM Meetup group, Carol Thomas-Knipes, attended January’s conference and posed a number of questions to DAM gurus and received a wide range of insights and feedback after the event:

“Though this conference is a new player in the Digital Asset Management conference space, this gathering of DAM and Content professionals provided deep dive discussions on a wide range of DAM/CM-related topics, and tips on navigating change.  We have gathered a few of our DAM Gurus who attended and asked them to provide insights on the conference and how it made them think about ‘The State of DAM’” [Read More]

Earlier this year, Ralph Windsor, wrote a review, highlighting both the positive aspects, and a number of suggestions that might be adopted in the future.

Key topics include:

  • The growing importance of DAM within the organisation, how it can provide more value, and what the future holds
  • Accurate and timely metadata—learn how to improve this perennially challenging aspect of a well-run DAM
  • Integrating your DAM with other platforms to drive greater efficiency and ease of use
  • Evaluating the vendor landscape and the most important considerations as you’re choosing the best fit for your organization
  • The future of metadata: machine-enhanced tagging using AI
  • The importance of UX (user experience) and how to improve user adoption
  • Preserving and leveraging your brand history through digital asset management

The summit represents a unique learning and networking opportunity for anyone whose workflow or supply chain involves the use of digital assets, including DAM users, librarians, archivists, digital content creators, and those working within creative, marketing and product management environments.

For those wishing to attend, you can obtain an ‘early bird’ reduction in the cost by booking before 21st December.  An additional 15% off the ticket cost is available by using the discount code M123DNDG15.

Further Information

Date: January 24-25, 2019
Location: AMA Conference Center | New York, NY

For full information, please visit the summit website at the link below.

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