DAM Vendors 2018 Pricing Survey – 31st August Deadline For Participation

The deadline for vendors who want to participate in the 2018 DAM Vendors Pricing Survey is fast approaching at the end of this week on Friday 31st August.  If you represent a vendor and did not get sent the details, please contact us and myself or one of my colleagues will send it to you.  The survey is anonymous and uses numbers to represent vendors, so no one will know how much you charge. The questions covers five common scenarios, varying in scale (user numbers and capacity).  They are multi-choice with numeric fields, so it’s not like completing an RFP and will probably take about 20 minutes.  There are both on-site and SaaS scenarios, if any don’t apply, you are not required to answer.

Those who do participate will get a free copy of the survey, whereas everyone else will have to pay around $1,000 to get a copy.  In addition, we will include a half page profile of every vendor who did provide numbers (copy written by the vendor) and a summary article will be written in DAM News and other DAM or Content Management-related publications where each vendor will be named (subject to their agreement).  So both competitive intelligence and a PR opportunity, free of charge and only a modest amount of your time required.  What’s not to like?

For those vendors who have already provided details, I will be in contact with you to collect the profile copy once the survey report has been written and is getting close to publication (which should be around October this year).

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