DAM Vendors 2018 Pricing Survey Now Open For Participation

We are once more running our DAM vendor pricing survey 2018 edition and are now inviting responses from vendors.  This is the second time we have conducted the survey, the first edition was published in 2016.

Earlier this year, we sent a link to a form on our DAM Vendor Directory where vendors could indicate that they were willing to participate.  To date, 53 firms have expressed an interest and earlier today they have been issued with a link to the survey and instructions on how to complete it.  For any vendors who have not received an email or who wish to contribute data, please use this linkhttps://damvendors.com/pricing-survey/   Note, you must have an entry in the vendor directory also.  If you believe you have completed this and have not received an invite, please contact us.

As with previous years, those vendors who fill out the survey will get a free copy.  A half page profile of each firm who submitted will be included also and we will list all the vendors in a DAM News article that  discusses the results (and articles to appear in other publications, subject to their agreement).

All the data from the survey is presented in anonymous form with numbers to represent vendors so it is not possible to identify how much a given supplier charges.  Two further options we have added to the 2018 survey regarding data transparency and attribution are the ability for those vendors who want to have their data attributed to them (i.e full transparency) and also a complete anonymity option where the vendor will not be listed as having participated at all.  We expect most vendors to use the same method as in 2016 (i.e. anonymous data – but listed as having participated).

Please note: we will not be providing free copies of the survey to anyone who does not contribute data, they must purchase one if they want to review the results and the analysis.

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