DAM News Round-Up – 8th August 2022

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web.

EMRAYS AI Search SDK for DAM providers

The recently launched AI Search SDK (software development kit) for front-end developers from EMRAYS allows for visual searching and comparison of digital image and video assets using concepts, as opposed to traditional tagging and metadata.  This proprietary technology is based on an in-house trained neural network, isn’t reliant on auto-tagging techniques, and can be deployed within any DAM system using simple JavaScript templates.  The article provides information on background and deployment, along with a breakdown of how it all fits together in real-world scenarios.

Interview With Ken Christie

The latest interview in our DAM News Interview series is with DAM consultant and founder of the 542 Group, Ken Christie.  Topics discussed include his work as a certified partner with DAM software provider Bynder, the importance of education, coaching and mentorship, budget and money-saving tips, and how to make sure that your clients are ready for their first DAM initiative.

Heinz Taps State-of-the-Art AI to Design Its Next Ad Campaign

With numerous synthetic media and artificial intelligence image generation tools hitting our social media feeds, food manufacturer Heinz have demonstrated just how deep awareness of their brand is by feeding DALL-E a series of prompts featuring the word ‘ketchup’.  The resultant images are exactly what you’d expect from such a globally iconic brand, so it’s little more than a self-congratulatory publicity stunt.  Their recently introduced Spoon Friez, however, could be a real game-changer.

Why Is Marketing Technology Often Discarded and Replaced?

CMSWire’s Jason Ball draws a parallel between martech stacks and fast fashion – both being “cheap, easily replaced, quickly forgotten and of dubious quality”.  Jason highlights numerous shortfalls of existing marketing software systems, explaining how most marketing databases are out-of-date, that the one-size-fits-all approach often leads to software bloat, and with almost 10,000 providers, we’ve hit peak martech and our marketers are suffering from fatigue.  The article concludes with a number of tips for avoiding overkill and what to select for a more robust and sleeker stack.

DAM Has Been in a Slump, for 30 Years

Lack of innovation and a general inertia in the DAM industry is something we’ve often alluded to on DAM News, and this recent article from vendor MerlinOne opens by echoing our sentiments.  Highlighting how missing, inadequate or contextually irrelevant metadata has conventionally been considered the Achilles heel of digital asset discoverability, the piece seamlessly segues into a recommendation for their NOMAD™ visual search technology (read our initial review from last year), which works by decoupling images from their metadata and instead relies on artificial intelligence to locate files.

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