DAM News Round-Up – 7th May 2024

DAM News Round-Up

A selection of DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced by the DAM News editorial team.

2024 DAM Vendor Pricing Survey – Now Open For Participation

In case you missed our recent announcement, the 2024 DAM Vendor Pricing Survey is now open for participation.  Now in its third edition, the survey is the only study of its kind in the DAM industry.  You can view information about our 2016 survey and 2018 survey, and vendors wishing to take part can contact me for further information.  All responses are anonymised and participating vendors will receive to a free copy of the survey.

The Lure of Facial Recognition in DAM

This series of in-depth articles from the creator of The DAM Playbook explores the theme of facial recognition and the use of biometric data within DAM systems.  The four-part article and buyer’s guide covers a number of topics including automated tagging and indexing, security benefits, and personalisation, along with the more negative implications and some thought-provoking insights on the ethical and philosophical impact of this emergent technology.  Parts 3 and 4 are available here.

New Media, New Rules: Reimagining Photojournalism

Visual tech expert and founder of online magazine Kaptur Paul Melcher takes a look at the decline of traditional photojournalism and the waning of the era of print magazines and the budgets that sustained the surrounding community of photographic and journalistic talent.  Paul aligns this with an extinction level event and predicts that in order to survive, photojournalism will need to decouple itself from the news media and tether itself to a more modern approach such as those adopted by YouTube, TikTok and Instagram.  A detailed and engaging read.

Reinventing the Wheel: On Generative AI for [Poor] Search and Knowledge Management

Taxonomist and Ontologist Bob Kasenchak unveils the elephant in the room when it comes to large language models (LLMs) and the often nonsensical “information” that AI-powered chatbots are responding to queries with.  The article succinctly highlights the problem with the increasingly widespread belief that platforms such as ChatGPT are a panacean replacement for information architects and knowledge management professionals.  Bob delves into the hype, cause and effect of this ’emperor’s new clothes’ type issue and how the only current solution is to pay people that actually know what they’re doing.

Synonym Rings (or Search Thesaurus)

Author and Taxonomist Heather Hedden introduces the topic of synonym rings and provides a detailed description of their usage and design.  Heather presents a characteristically exhaustive and technical breakdown of their key features, along with a list of their benefits and advantages, and where you might find this relatively uncommon form of managed sets of concepts and variants implemented.

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