DAM News Round-Up – 7th March 2022

A selection of DAM and marketing technology related articles from around the web.

GatherContent joins the Bynder family

Digital Asset Management solutions provider Bynder have recently announced their acquisition of Content Operations platform GatherContent – a centralised content hub typically used by marketing teams.  According to their press release, uniting the two platforms will offer “a unique centralized platform for content teams to collaborate on creating structured content”.  How much the two platforms are being integrated is yet unclear as the GatherContent app still appears to be a standalone application.  With a feature-set that already closely resembles a DAM or ECM, it might just be a case of Bynder tapping into a new customer base prior to assimilating the new platform into their primary system.

What is Open SaaS and What Does it Mean For DAM?

DAM News Editor Ralph Windsor introduces a new feature article from open source DAM software ResourceSpace Lead Dan Huby.  The article takes a brief look at the history of Software as a Service (SaaS), its impact on the way our software is delivered and licensed, and more recently, the advent of the open-source SaaS model and its implications – both positive and negative – for Digital Asset Management users and vendors alike.  The full article can be viewed here.

DAM Survey Questions for Collecting User Feedback

Soliciting feedback from users and managers is an essential part of implementing, improving, and maintaining a Digital Asset Management system.  In this recent article, DAM software vendor Widen provide a number of questions intended to elicit feedback from your users in order to gauge both the efficiency of the system, and user satisfaction levels in general.  Questions range from simple ratings-based (e.g. on a scale of 1 to 10, how do you feel about using the DAM system?) to more specific questions concerning search results, security, quality of assets returned, metadata workflows, and how easy it is to collaborate, share, and distribute content.  A number of additional tips on the tools and methods for conducting surveys are also provided.

2022 Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Reality Check

For those arriving late to the blockchain party, this short but concise article from CMSWire’s Editor in Chief Rich Hein provides a recap of the cryptocurrency story so far, along with some recent statistics concerning the public’s perception, trust, and adoption levels in what could potentially be one of the most disruptive technologies of the last century.  Topics include the sustainability of mining, the blockchain’s slow-but-sure precipitation into more traditional transactional-based applications, and the economic implications of cutting out middlemen such as bankers.

Is It Time to Retire the Term Digital Transformation?

Marketing technology specialist Anita Brearton takes a look at digital transformation, and the effect it’s had on our lives and workplaces over the last 10 years.  The march of progress, at least in terms of technology, has been high on the agenda in almost every area of society: from businesses of all sizes migrating their traditional back-office systems to online services and applications, through to national technology roll-outs in education, healthcare, transport, and finance, a so-called ‘digital first’ approach is now the accepted norm.  Anita recognises this new technological mandate, and provides a number of astute insights and observations regarding the permeation of the increasingly more complex and joined-up systems that will be required to harness and leverage the sheer volume of data we are now generating.

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