DAM News Round-Up – 27th January 2020

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

Digital Asset Management Systems: An Open Specification

Last Friday saw the launch of the DAM News Open Specification for Digital Asset Management systems – an online initiative to define the core features, characteristics and capabilities of a DAM system.  Separated into 20 functional areas, each with a series of basic, intermediate and advanced sub-categories, the dynamic specification allows visitors to register, leave comments and apply for editor status in order to make changes and contribute their own extensions.  All members of the DAM community are invited to participate.  You can register free at: https://digitalassetmanagementnews.org/open-specification/

The Absolute Easiest Way to Remove Metadata From Photos

Being a crucial and valuable component of digital assets, the removal of metadata is not something we generally recommend as it can negatively impact the context, searchability and overall value of your content.  However, if your images contain information that you rather they didn’t (such as names, dates or geolocation data), DAM software vendor Canto has provided a series of methods to remove metadata from photos and images in this recent blog post.  Methods are included for Windows, Mac, phones and Android devices.

Google Drive vs Digital Asset Management: What is the Difference?

Digital Asset Management solution provider Pics.io address the regularly asked question: “How is DAM different from Google Drive?”.  As the line blurs between cloud storage and cloud-based DAM systems (which may in themselves use Google Drive or Dropbox as their storage component), business may not actually realise the difference between the two.  The article explores a number of key shortcomings of Google Drive, such as scalability, rights management, user permissions, the findability of media type assets such as audio and video, and version control.

4 tips for organizing your content with DAM, not Dropbox

DAM software vendor Bynder continue with the theme of cloud storage by comparing Dropbox to a ‘true’ Digital Asset Management system (i.e. one that fulfils the now slightly outmoded 10 Core Characteristics of DAM).  In this fairly detailed breakdown of the differences between the two, the article presents four core benefits of transitioning from Dropbox to DAM: cost, security, consistency and automation by way of integrations.  If your business is considering a move from Dropbox to a more mature and feature-rich platform, this article represents a good starting point.

Webinar: Bringing Clarity to your Retail Content with Digital Asset Management

DAM services provider and reseller, CyanGate, have recently announced a webinar discussing strategies for retailers to utilise DAM as part of their digital content ecosystem.  Aimed at providing businesses with the necessary concepts, language and knowledge to make improvements to their processes using Digital Asset Management, the free webinar, scheduled for April 1st, could offer advice on a more niche set of topics that complement DAM News’ recent series of Digital Asset Supply Chain webinars, articles and resources.

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