DAM News Round-Up – 22nd November 2021

A selection of recent DAM and digital marketing technology related articles from around the web.

Why DAM Vendors Should Leave Web To Print to the Experts

My co-contributor and DAM News Editor, Ralph Windsor, has recently contributed an in-depth article to the Silicon Publishing blog that explains why DAM vendors that choose to offer Web to Print functionality within their DAM systems should do so with a degree of caution.  Ralph breaks down the web to print process, and demonstrates how a seemingly simple workflow can often be fraught with issues that are beyond the expertise and capabilities of a regular DAM platform and its developers.  Issues covered include the shortcomings of so-called WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editors, keeping on top of flexible templating requirements, and the fundamental differences between rendering typography for print, and for the web.

Clemency Wright Interview

DAM News continues its series of interviews with metadata and keywording expert Clemency Wright.  Clemency’s past roles include keywording for Getty Images and V&A Images, with more recent work involving controlled vocabularies for The Art Fund and providing keyword training for universities.  With some astute insights into DAM, metadata, and contextual search, Clemency’s candid yet concise responses contain some excellent pointers for those new to DAM.

MediaValet Announces Partnership with Global Digital Experience Agency, FFW

Cloud-based DAM software provider MediaValet have recently announced their partnership with digital experience agency FFW.  According to the press release, “FFW customers will be able to aggregate, secure, organize and access their digital assets at scale, as their organizations grow.”  FFW clients includes Pfizer, Panasonic, and General Electric. MediaValet’s DAM will be incorporated into FFW’s Digital Experience Platform.

Getting Smart Answers With Intelligent Search

Seth Earley presents the most common obstacles when striving to achieve successful enterprise search results.  This deep dive article covers a broad range of topics including content architecture, tagging, lack of context, scalability, and a lack of dedicated users with the appropriate skills.  Backed up by some interesting statistics, Seth also provides some insights into the disparity between SEO and enterprise search investment, along with how recent developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning, although beneficial, are not the silver bullet they are often claimed to be, and still need to be coupled with a suitably structured information architecture.

Our Adobe Connectors just got even better!

Digital Asset Manager platform provider QBank have just announced an update to their Adobe connectors.  Their Photoshop and Indesign connectors are now available for Adobe CC 2022, with improved control and bi-directional drag ‘n’ drop integration with InDesign, Photoshop and QBank asset files, alleviating the need to switch between applications.

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